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coloribus (2011)

by melodium

hey june 01:49
sarah 02:16
la bohalle 02:37
i am epsilon 02:28
white chapel 02:31
coloribus 02:24
end theme 01:59


composed by laurent girard in 2009 and 2010
released by abandon building records
limited to 350 cardboard case CD
duration : 44 min

R E V I E W S --------------------

PENNYBLACKMUSIC.CO.UK : "Is Laurent Girard, a.k.a. Melodium, the Fréderic Chopin of the Digital Age? In particular the stupendously wonderful 'White Chapel' makes me believe so. Amongst the wealth of monumental tracks, 'The Decline of Iron' forms an intriguing concept, both as a title and more so introducing a sort of percussion-tronica. Many tracks probably count as 'folktronica' yet a few compositions cross borders, upon which percussion builds a grand juxtaposition with keyboards; whereas snare instruments usually follow the compositional line set off by Melodium's piano.

This introspection comes off prominently on for example 'No More Flash' as if the redemption from digitalis were already here. Melodium has developed a unique sound where electronica surfaces in an almost oblique and archaic style, meriting greatly from his genuine compositional talent. From Melodium's impressive discography, a symphony orchestra could easily compile an entire evening bill, worthy to be staged at the Royal Albert Hall. For those keen on melody; Melodium's music is abundant with it. 'Coloribus' features 20 tracks that amount up to just 45 minutes altogether. 'Sweet Depression' is not only topical in terms of cureent economic upheaval, but the track typifies a remote sense of belonging which appears to have become a hazard in the Twitter age.

Melodium tweets (using) music rather than words and seems eager to withdraw rather than overly sensationalize. 'Coloribus' is an affectionate punch of some sorts. The album actually consists of two out of the four of Vivaldi's Seasons, on the opening track, starting in June and followed next by 'Augusta Falls'. The feel to Spring and Summer sums up this little classic. 'Piano Factory' pounds on like 'à quatre mains', a light-hearted roll off the fingers over a deep keyboard rhythm. Trick or treat, 'Coloribus' has so much to offer to the curious ear. Well beyond reason, and so much the better because of it.
Maarten Schiethart

TEXTURA.ORG : "though France's Laurent Girard has issued a wealth of Melodium music during the past dozen years, Coloribus finds him in especially fine form.......The album plays, then, like a stimulating collection of miniatures, like a play of multiple vignettes that never stays too long in any one place. Boredom never becomes an issue when the scenery changes as often as it does."

AUTRESDIRECTIONS.NET : "il y a dans Coloribus autant de fenêtres ouvertes que de feux à entretenir. Musique au cœur, juste tir à l’aveuglette. La lumière n’est là que pour éclairer le chemin de la maison, seul repère tangible d’un imaginaire étourdissant de directions."

THESILENTBALET.COM : Laurent Girard (Melodium) has thrown listeners a lovely curve ball with the ebuillient Coloribus, a set of 20 miniatures that works like a Whitman's sampler. ("I'll have just one ... mm, that was good, I'll have another!") The longest piece comes in at a gargantuan 2:47. Some of the songs sound like wedding processionals ("sarah"), others like drop-top polka-dotted VW beach buggie summers ("augusta falls"), others like spy movie outtakes ("run, run and collapse"). A few are quirky, with odd percussion ("aural stimuli"), some are romantic ("la bohalle"), and one ("something you lost") is accompanied by a charming and colorful video. It's an honest grab-bag of breezy, pleasant tracks, a natural outgrowth of the similarly appealing Petit Jama CD3", but a surprise to fans who missed that tiny release and whose last experience with Melodium was the 28:18 closing track of Palimpse. Coloribus is less introverted than that full-length affair, and a lot more percussive. Its pleasures race by like children at the beach, but its keyboard melodies and percolating electronics buoy the spirits whenever it is played. 4/5 Richard Allen

NORMANRECORDS.COM : "The songs all appear to be miniatures – pieces of incidental music if you like. Melancholic piano rubs up against industrial beats, ricocheting techno disappears into a plumbing vortex, pastoral psychedelic folk will be found curling up next to clickety badminton style liquid glitch & wistful curious electronica ala AFX’s tenderest moments is found just lounging around in tiny “song chairs” situated near the central hub of the album. There’s plenty here, especially for those who enjoy music in soundtracky snippets. This is one of them & it is another little gem from the hardy Frenchman"

Psychedelicfolk.com : By this release it seems like this world grew further and beyond the child room wallpaper. Its images and drawing are more colourful and there is a lot more movement. Several layers are built up. One of them are tunes of rhythm based upon guitar or piano but more often carefully constructed and sound-sensitive electro-acoustic percussive ideas possibly made from all sorts of sticks, rubble, bowls and click-clacks. These foundations are enriched with a construction of subtle additional echoes or reverb effects, while the actual tunes are added on top, with piano, guitar or what I think are keyboard imitations of oboe and clarinet, the lightness of being in the constructions remains and the rhythmical still melodic playfulness never ends. Even though some of the tracks are like improvisations on what goes one step beyond a loop, a rhythm, when it remains a bit longer into a small world and idea, all tracks flow brilliantly into the next one, making the full album an alternated journey into some wonderland.


released April 16, 2011


all rights reserved



melodium France

french solo musician, some people say my music sounds happy and sad at the same time

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